Festival Internazionale di Scacchi
Internationales Schachfestival
International Chess Festival

"ad Gredine"

Ortisei, Italy   20/06/ - 28/06/2020


The tournaments will qualify for FSI and FIDE ratings. Italian and players resident in Italy must be in possession of the “Tessera Agonistica FSI 2020”. Players without an Elo-FIDE will be assigned an estimated rating based on the information that the tournament director himself will acquire; if foreigners are not resident in Italy, the players of the case described above must be in possession of the FIN FIDE issued by their own federation (or temporarily by the FIDE Arena web platform). Changes for FIDE and FSI rating and titles are regulated by the current FIDE and FSI handbooks, while notation till the end of the game is obligatory. Final ranking is drawn up by Buchholz FIDE. Players who arrive at the chessboard less than 60 minutes after the start of the session will not lose the game concerning art. 6.6 lit. a of the FIDE-Rules. For every matter not covered by these rules, the current international FIDE regulations shall apply. Registration implies full acceptance of the regulations above as well as of every change deemed appropriate for a successful event. No Smoking. Mobile-phones, notebooks, tablets, computers and all electronic communication tools are strictly banned in the whole tournament venue (tournament-hall, foyer, toilets etc.). The offender will be punished according to the FIDE rules.


Refunds will not be shared, multiple prizes are not possible and refunds are delivered only to the players present at the closing-ceremony. Special refunds are delivered only if there are at least 3 participants per category.


Please register by returning the completed entry form indicating the tournament-group you will play (A or B Open) at www.server24chess.com and by transferring your entry fee no later than June 14th, 2020. We cannot process your registration without complete address and date of birth. Any registration made after this date or paid personally at the tournament hall on June 19th, 2020 from 4 pm to 7 pm or on June 20th, 2020 from 10 am to 1 pm will incur an additional charge of 10,00.- Euro and will be accepted only if there is still room available. Non-EU citizens can deposit the registration at the tournament venue without surcharge. All players have to confirm their participation at the tournament hall on June 20th between 10 am and 1 pm local time. We guarantee the participation to the first 170 registered players. The play room will be equipped with 20 live internet streaming chessboards supplied by www.scacchirandagi.com.

Tournament: Open A Open B
Admission Elo >=1.900 Elo < 2.000
Elo rating FSI / FIDE FSI / FIDE
Mode 9 rounds CH-system 9 rounds CH-system
Playing time 40 moves / 90 min. +30 min. rest +30 sec./move
Entry fee € 75,00 € 75,00
Juniors (≤ 29.06.2002) € 50,00 € 50,00
FM € 50,00  
WFM € 60,00  
GM, WGM, IM, WIM gratis  
For registrations after 14th June a surcharge of € 10,00 is applied.  (Non-EU citizens are excluded)